Our Roofing Services

As any California homeowner knows, the roof of their home is far from permanent. Although it’s generally made of the toughest economical materials available, in most house designs the roof is the part of the house that absorbs the most punishment. It sits there, day after day, quietly taking a beating from the sun, wind, and weather, and hardly makes a complaint — until one day, you realize it’s about had all it can take, and needs to be replaced. At Integrity Roofing, we provide every roofing service that is available to ensure a secure system and product for your family. Our roofing services include

Roof Replacement

We recognize the way to a long lasting roof is proper ventilation and installation.

Roof Repairs

Our repair crew specializes in saving home owners 1000’s of dollars by repairing what many other roofers would replace.

Roof Inspections

If your roof is more than 15 years old, you may want to consider having one of our technicians visit for a TipTop roof inspection.

Roof Maintenance

The roof is a relatively fragile component of your home. With normal exposure, the membrane is subjected to wind, hail, snow, rain and ultraviolet energy.

Sky lights and solar tubes

Both skylights and solar tubes shine light from above the home into the interior. Therefore, they can only be used on the building’s highest floor.

Aluminum seamless gutters

Gutters will guard against unwanted water infiltration for years to come. Seamless, Aluminum gutters are a long lasting, easy to maintain gutter system that look great on any home!


Repair or Replacement?

We can help you to determine if your roof just needs repairs, or if a replacement would be more appropriate. Please fill out the form below.


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