Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Integrity Roofing Systems doesn’t only offer roof installation services. We also offer vital maintenance and roof repair services. While a new roof for your home is a great start, things don’t end there. Roofs need maintenance, inspections, and repairs to ensure they are always protecting your home and your family the way they are meant to. Every member of our team here at Integrity Roofing Systems is highly trained and experienced to diagnose and resolve all kinds of issues your main run into with your home’s roof.

When you discover a new water stain on your ceiling or you hear a loud thump on your rooftop (no, it’s not Santa), your first instinct may be to curl up under a soft blanket, or grab a bucket and look for a possible leak. Oftentimes, this is challenging. Why is that?

Simple. The rainwater seeps through the cracks or holes in your roof. Now, we know with water flow that there is no direct laid out path. Due to gravity, water wants to go down as close to the ground as possible. What this means for your home is this: as water travels through the hole in your roof, it is going to follow along the joists, trusses, rafters, etc until it is able to get to its final destination. The spot that you see the water stain may not be the same area on your roof that the water is coming through. Unless you can stand on the ground and look up through the roof.

Replacing a roof can cost thousands of dollars and most homeowners haven’t budgeted for a problem that size. it is important to address whatever issues arise overhead. A leak or a fallen tree branch doesn’t always signal extreme damage. Your fix could be as simple as installing a few new shingles or replacing the flashing. The best way to determine what should be fixed is to give us a call. Here at Integrity Roofing Systems, we are trained to be able to not only spot current issues but to be able to identify possible future issues. This will alert you to the possibility of future issues that could cause mold and mildew to potentially grow on the inside of your home.

As holes and small cracks form in your shingles, this allows water and moisture to seep under the shingles and saturate the wood below. As this wood becomes overly saturated, the water is going to cause the wood to swell. This constant swelling and drying of the wood are going to destroy the wood itself. Once wood rot begins, the once small roof leak is going to significantly increase the cost of repair.

Wood rot is not the only type of lingering damages that is caused by environmental forces. Once the holes and cracks begin to form in your roof, the water seeping down will eventually cause mold and or mildew. Mold and mildew LOVE warm, damp, dark places. This can be especially dangerous to people with breathing problems. Many people are sensitive to mold and mildew. Aside from the musty smell that makes your entire house smell like a leaky basement, mold and mildew spores make it difficult for some people to breathe. Once it starts, it is difficult to control.

It may be tempting to just settle for a roof tile repair, but oftentimes, you need to take a few factors into consideration. The repair could actually do more hard than good. The repair itself can compromise the integrity of the rest of your roof. Additionally, the leak itself can be a sign of a much bigger issue that has not been discovered yet. Perhaps your shingles are failing. Unfortunately, a leaky roof can also be caused by poor installation. Oftentimes, subpar contractors are more worried about quantity over quality. When this happens, you are the one who ultimately pays the price.

Here at Integrity Roofing Systems, your satisfaction is what drives us! No one wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home to give it away a few years later because it is destroyed with mold and mildew. Save yourself some money and call us today. Let us help protect your investment with our top-quality roof repair materials and expert team of roofing contractors.

Oftentimes, as homeowners realize that their home is in need of some repairs, they may find themselves attempting to fix the issue themselves. They sit down and search “how to replace roof tiles” and set to work with their online instruction guide to get it done. While this may be okay for some of the easy fixes, Going the DIY route on any roof tiling repairs is not advisable. The reason for this is because roof repair can be dangerous. Every year, countless trips are made to emergency rooms due to injuries stemming from DIY projects. Save yourself a trip to the emergency room by calling our guys today and we will come out and inspect your roof. We will give you the best option(s) for your specific home and roofing style.
Title 24 applies to almost all roofing installations regardless of the roof tile types that are being used in the process. Whether you are looking into a clay roof, a fiberglass roof, or another type of roofing material, your new roof install or re-roof must adhere to the guidelines set forth in these codes. Owner Jamin Broom is dedicated to making sure every customer has exactly what they need for their roofing needs and that every roof install is up to code and ready to go as soon as the installation is complete. If you have any questions about Title 24 and how our services fit into the guidelines, feel free to reach out to us and speak with one of our roofing experts. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before we get started on your brand new roof install or re-roof.

What if you already have a good roof for your home and you’re looking for a company to give you a hand with maintenance and repairs? Integrity Roofing Systems is here for roof repair services, too! Especially if you came home from work to find a tree “taking a nap” on your roof where it did not have permission to be! When crazy situations like that happen in life, you need someone by your side to help you find an effective solution as quickly as possible. Integrity Roofing Systems is that someone. We are here for you whenever life throws a wrench in your plans and makes roof repairs number one on your priority list. Don’t waste your precious time and money calling one of the other guys who will overcharge you and fail to deliver the excellence that you deserve. Call our team of professional roofing installers instead. We know we can deliver exactly what you and your home need quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Thank you for choosing us for your roof repair, installation, and other roof service needs. When you are looking for the best roofing company in the area to take care of your home, turn to us! You no longer have to sit at your computer for hours desperately searching for “affordable roofing near me”, “how much does a tile roof cost”, or “where can I find a reputable roofing company near me”. Now that you have found us, you can save yourself some time and call us instead of needlessly searching for anyone else. Our team is here for all your home’s roofing needs from a first-time install down to the smallest repair to keep your home in tiptop shape.


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